Australian Vaccination-Skeptics Network compare vaccines to rape

Justyn | April 23, 2015

The Australian Vaccination-Skeptics Network posted an image to their Facebook group which compared vaccinations to rape. The image is pretty much offensive to everyone, which shows a man holding his hand over a terrified woman’s mouth, reading: “FORCED PENETRATION. Really – no big deal, if it’s just a vaccination needle, and he’s a doctor. Do you really need control over your own choices?”

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Regular Fuel vs. Premium Fuel Myths

Justyn | April 11, 2015

Have you ever heard someone say: You should run 98 in your vehicle because it is better for it? A lot of people swear by running a premium fuel in their vehicle because they’ve been told that it is better, by giving your vehicle a performance boost or better mileage. However I’m here to try and explain to you that it is just a myth. All you’re doing is paying a premium for higher octane petrol, or in other words you’re wasting your money.

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Kids should spend no more than two hours online

Justyn | April 9, 2015

Pediatricians say excessive screen time has been linked with violence, cyber-bullying, school woes, obesity, lack of sleep and a host of other problems. I would say that almost every parent would be guilty of their child(ren) being on a screen for more than two hours per day (be it TV, computer, gaming console, mobile device). I know I am guilty of this, very guilty. Trying to police their time online creates all sorts of arguments in our household.

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NQ Ride Motorcycle Training Review

Justyn | March 4, 2015

I’ve had my motorcycle licence for around 3 years or so now, and prior to obtaining my licence I had never ridden a motorcycle on the road. This is where NQ Ride Motorcycle Training came in. Some of my mates that had already been riding for awhile advised me to go and see Jay at NQ Ride, since that is where they went and had nothing but great things to say.

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Pebble’s new smartwatch will have a colour screen

Justyn | February 24, 2015

Pebble started a “teaser” last week on their website with a countdown for a new announcement. However it seems that the new announcement was already leaked by 9to5Mac, which reportedly found the image hosted on Pebble’s own servers. If it is true, it looks like Pebble’s new smartwatch is thinner, wider, and with a colour screen. However, they’ve since replaced the image with a photo of an actual pebble.

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Your Samsung Smart TV is not spying on you

Justyn | February 15, 2015

It seems lately that the internet has erupted with some misleading news claiming that Samsung Smart TVs are spying on you, just like out of George Orwell’s novel 1984. This is untrue, media outlets are reporting wrong information. This is what media outlets thrive on though, spreading hype and hysteria to get people to read their news, even if it is completely untrue.

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How to get 2GB of free Google Drive storage

Justyn | February 11, 2015

Google is running a Drive Promotion for Safer Internet Day in which you can grab an extra 2GB of storage in the cloud, for free. Your storage is shared with Gmail and Google Drive, so extra storage is always handy. It just takes two minutes to complete the security checkup which will make sure your account is both safe and secure.

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How to calibrate the battery on your Android device

Justyn | February 4, 2015

This is just a simple guide on how to calibrate your battery on an Android phone or tablet. Most guides out there advise you to delete the batterystats.bin file in /data/system however this isn’t correct. A Google Engineer by the name of Dianne Hackborn posted a debunking on Google+ about wiping that file.

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Short Film: We’re missing life due to our phone obsessions

Justyn | January 30, 2015

This is a short animation called Mr Selfie by We Are Seventeen. It is the perfect portrayal of our reliance on phones. We use them when we wake up, when we go to bed, to help us fall asleep. We have our phones on us when we are in the bathroom, travelling, walking around, through events, and basically every aspect in life.

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