Taking my Wife for granted

Justyn | May 5, 2014

My Wife is an amazing person. A lot better than myself. She’s beautiful, intelligent, caring, and a plethora of other things. Things that I admit I take for granted most of the time. I’ve realised a few things over the past few days that has made me feel overwhelmed me in how I don’t share the workload of everyday happenings, which has brought me to writing this post.

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Heartbleed bug tips for securing your accounts

Justyn | April 16, 2014

The hole in OpenSSL known as Heartbleed supposedly affects up to a fifth of all secure web servers. Having such a large portion of the servers affected there is a likelihood that you might have an account that has been compromised. Filippo Valsorda is the 19 year old behind the code that allows you to test websites for the Heartbleed bug, dubbed Heartbleed test.

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