Nexus 6P, Pure Nexus and franco.Kernel

I am finally back with the Nexus family! As I have done previously with my Nexus 5 setup and LG G4 setup I will share what I run on my Nexus 6P. I have made the switch back franco.Kernel and am running Pure Nexus which seems to be the perfect combination for this device, simply perfect! Device: Nexus… Read More

Easter at Paluma

Our friends Chloe & Rohan invited us up to Paluma for Easter Sunday for a family day. Since I had the day off we decided to go up. Paluma is about 91km North of Townsville, and up the Paluma Range. So we headed off about 9am and stopped at Yabulu for some petrol, ice and… Read More

Why I quit Facebook and why I am happier

I don’t have a Facebook account any more and couldn’t be happier. I’ve been on Facebook for many years but recently I just felt that I no longer needed it. I couldn’t stop checking Facebook yet I never really enjoyed checking it. There’s even been a study by The Happiness Research Institute showing that a… Read More

[HOWTO] Kleen Air Mod 2003 CBR600RR

The reason for a “kleen air modification” is to stop over-flow oil from getting into the air box and eventually getting into the throttle bodies in the event of a tip-over or from wheelies. It also can help with popping on deceleration with aftermarket exhausts. Since I had my bike torn down to replace the… Read More

KISS Launcher for Android

One of the benefits of Android is the freedom. Want a different launcher? No worries. I’ve been an avid user of Apex Launcher and is my current go-to launcher for all my devices. Recently though I have just discovered KISS Launcher and as the KISS principle is “Keep it simple, stupid”, the launcher stays true… Read More