KISS Launcher for Android

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One of the benefits of Android is the freedom. Want a different launcher? No worries. I’ve been an avid user of Apex Launcher and is my current go-to launcher for all my devices. Recently though I have just discovered KISS Launcher and as the KISS principle is “Keep it simple, stupid”, the launcher stays true to this.

KISS Launcher allows Android users to simplify the home of their interface, to purify their screens and access the functions they need as quickly and as simply as possible.

The launcher itself weighs in at a measely 216KB, installed 592KB and is blazingly fast. Compared to Apex Launcher which is currently using 13.48MB. You can also check out their github and build it yourself if you’re inclined.

KISS Launcher

For being such a lightweight launcher, it does also include a light, dark and transparent theme too. So depending on your taste it does have /some/ customisation. I went into the KISS Settings and turned on “Minimalistic UI” which basically just provides the search bar at the bottom. You can search the web, apps, contacts e.t.c. from this bar. Simple.

KISS Launcher

The one thing I have found that is missing is the support for widgets. If this is something you heavily rely upon than maybe giving something like Apex Launcher a run would be the other option. However the developers have added support for custom icons, so who knows, maybe widget support will eventually come.

If you want a light weight, fast launcher though then you can download the latest version of KISS Launcher via the Google Play Store.

What launcher do you use on your Android device? Have you tried KISS Launcher?

Otterbox Defender Series Case from MobileZap

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One of our boys has an iPhone 4S which has had the screen replaced already due to being dropped. Most people know that teenagers tend to not look after their belongings and this rings true with ours.

He has had cheap silicone cases before but has always taken them off because he never liked them. We decided to get him a better, stronger case and this is where the Otterbox Defender Series come in. I spoke to the guys over at MobileZap and they were more than happy to hook me up with the Otterbox Defender Series Case.

Otterbox Defender Series

Otterbox Defender Series

The case is very rugged and covers all of the phone, it even has a plastic cover for the screen and I was happy that it feels like you’re touching glass. There hasn’t been any miss-taps. I for one am very impressed with the case. The first thing he wanted to do was do a drop test but I advised against it. There are plenty of YouTube videos are in favour of the case, so no need to test it yet.

Otterbox Defender Series

Otterbox Defender Series

The Otterbox Defender Series covers the Home, Volume, and Sleep/Wake buttons and has rubberised “flaps” that cover the Headphone, Ring/Mute switch and Dock Connector. The iPhone is pretty much sealed so to speak. It also comes with a belt holster which can be used as a stand for the iPhone when watching videos.

Otterbox Defender Series

Otterbox Defender Series

There’s a circular cut out on the back to show the iPhone’s Apple logo, however I felt that this need not be there. You do tend to see it more and more on Apple cases and there isn’t anything wrong with it. I just felt it would be more aesthetic to be just a flush solid back.

If you’re looking for any kind of tough cases, I would recommend you check out the Otterbox Cases over at MobileZap.

The Otterbox Defender Series Case was provided by MobileZap.

Waleed Aly: “ISIL is WEAK, and they don’t want you to know it”

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It was an horrific day in Paris on Friday, and if you watch the media you would think that ISIL are a force not to be reckoned with. However Waleed Aly, a presenter for The Project has a different view; that the Islamic State is weak.

ISIL have claimed responsibility for the Paris attacks. “This is what ISIL do. They take credit for any act of terror on Western soil so that they appear bigger and tougher than they actually are.” said Aly.

Currently the video on The Project’s Facebook page has over 17 million views, over 340,000 likes and has been shared almost 500,000 times. You could say that it has gone viral.

ISIL is weak. I l know it doesn’t look like that right now, but it’s the truth, and they don’t want you to know it. They want to start World War III.

However the Muslim academic didn’t stop there, talking about Members of Parliament and Muslim leaders. “So, if you are a member of Parliament or a has-been member of Parliament preaching hate at a time when what we actually need is more love, you are helping ISIL. They have told us that. If you are a Muslim leader telling your community they have no place here or basically them saying the same thing, you are helping ISIL.” he said.

Don’t think that he forgot about social media either. “If you are just someone with a Facebook or Twitter account firing off misguided messages of hate, you are helping ISIL.”

The way he closed the presentation was nothing short of gratifying. “I won’t be manipulated” he said. Adding “I’m pretty sure that right now, none of us want to help these bastards.”

Rbrowser is an Android browser optimized for Snapdragon processors

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A browser (SWE) for for snapdragon processors that is 5-40% than standard chrome.

There is plenty of choices for web browsers but if your Android device is powered by a Snapdragon processor and you want the fastest browser available then you should check out Rbrowser. It is essentially Chromium (which is what Chrome and Chrome OS is built from) however it has been optimized for Snapdragon processors (and adds features). This results in is a fast and efficient browser which built for most Android devices.

Not only is Rbrowser optimised for Snapdragon powered devices it also boasts some awesome features like built-in ad and popup blocking, night mode, immersive mode (full screen), power save mode and the ability to disable (or enable) certain permissions like access to location, microphone, and camera. Another intuitive feature is the “edge swipe” function, which allows you to scroll between pages by swiping from the left or right edge.

The browser is developed by magic_man over on XDA who is known as samfisher83 on the Google Play Store. You can check out the XDA thread for all the information about Rbrowser and discussion around it or can simply download Rbrowser from the Google Play Store.

Olixar Bluetooth Water Dancing Speaker from MobileZap

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So I got in contact with the guys over at MobileZap, and this time have decided to have a look at something other than phone cases or accessories. They happened to provide me with the Olixar Bluetooth Water Dancing Speaker LED Table Light. We’ve had it for about a week now, and Chell is quite happy with it!

The speaker sits on a little table near the kitchen as we have an open plan kitchen / dining area. I was a little sceptical with the sound quality from this speaker however it has a nice rubberised base and the speaker doesn’t seem to have too much trebble or sound “tinny”.

Olixar Bluetooth Speaker

Olixar Bluetooth Speaker

This little speaker can do everything. It has a flexible neck so when you’re using the lamp you can position the light wherever you want and the light is quite bright. There are 5 water jets inside the speaker, coupled with 5 LED’s (red, blue, green, pink and yellow) which illuminate the “water jets” which look like they’re dancing to your music by having air pump through to the tempo and strength of the music.

If you’re listening to music via bluetooth and you receive a call whilst your phone is in another room then all you do is simply tap on the answer button on the speaker. The music stops, and the speaker has an inbuilt microphone so you can continue doing whatever it is whilst talking to the person that called.

Olixar Bluetooth Speaker - Buttons

Olixar Bluetooth Speaker – Buttons

You can control your music (play / pause) and volume directly from the speaker without the need of interacting with your smartphone or device. Tap the back or forward buttons to skip tracks, or tap and hold for volume down and up.

If you don’t happen to have a bluetooth capable device then that isn’t an issue either. The speaker has support for USB, TF Card which will allow you to play mp3 files and also includes a 3.5mm jack to connect devices without bluetooth.

Olixar Bluetooth Speaker - Inputs

Olixar Bluetooth Speaker – Inputs

The battery will last around 3 hours provided it is fully charged. If it does go flat you simply plug in the micro USB cable and connect to to either your laptop, PC or a USB wall plug which you would charge a phone or tablet with.

If you’re looking for a cheap bluetooth speaker that not only sounds good, but looks good and has a built in desk lamp than I can highly recommend this speaker. It definitely gets it’s fair share of use every afternoon!

Olixar Bluetooth Speaker - LEDs

Olixar Bluetooth Speaker – LEDs

If you’re interested in some accessories for your mobile devices, or even have an iPod or music player be sure to check out MobileZap. They have great customer service and fast shipping.

The Olixar Bluetooth Water Dancing Speaker LED Table Light was provided by MobileZap.

Slim (debloat) the LG G4 and improve the camera

Justyn Smith | September 29, 2015 | 6 comments

I like to flash new ROM’s, kernels and tweak things with my devices. Sometimes it gets the better of me and I have to wipe my device and start all over again which is what happened the other day with my LG G4. However so far I’ve managed to remove quite a few applications and services without any negative effect and thought I would share it here.

Obviously some applications you may use so you won’t want to remove them. Since I don’t have the EU version of the G4 I cannot unlock the bootloader as of yet (I have the H815K from Telstra) so instead I just injected SuperSU by following this guide. After that I installed Xposed, AppOps and G4 TweaksBox and paid for the unlocker. It is an amazing piece of software.

With root, I also changed my DPI to 540, using Xposed AppSettings I set the DPI of all non-LG apps to 480, AppOps to remove permissions, added some build.prop stuff, installed AdAway, CPU Thermal Throttling mod which helps to eliminate lag, improve performance and lower heat. The dev, Robshr did it with the LG G3, so is hoping to mimic it with the LG G4. Last but not least, I enabled 60FPS at 1080p and 100% Photo Quality.

Now, onto the “debloating” of the stock rom (which is V10d-505-01). As I have said, these have been deleted and haven’t affected my phone usage, however I won’t be held responsive if your phone blows up, or grows legs and runs away. I removed the LG Keyboard as I use Google Keyboard too, so if you remove the keyboard, make sure you have an alternate. Same with LGHome, as I use Apex Launcher.

Deleted from /system/app/

  • ChromeWithBrowser
  • CloudHub
  • Drive
  • DrmService
  • EditorsDocs
  • EditorsSheets
  • EditorsSlides
  • FaceLock
  • GCUV
  • GnssAirTest
  • GnssLogCat
  • GnssPosTest
  • GnssTest
  • GoogleTTS
  • Hangouts
  • HTMLViewer
  • LGAirDrive
  • LGApduService
  • LGBackupLauncher
  • LGDrm
  • LGEasySettings
  • LGEmbmsServiceLayer
  • LGHome_Theme_Optimus
  • LGMusicShare
  • LGPartnerBookmarksProvider
  • LGPCSuite
  • LGSmartcardService
  • LGSpringCleaning
  • LGStk
  • LGTouchControlAreas
  • LGWeatherService
  • LGWernickeManager
  • LGWfdsServices
  • Maps
  • MirrorLinkCertUpdate
  • MirrorLinkServer
  • Music2
  • Newsstand
  • PacProcessor
  • QtiBackupAgent
  • SmartShare
  • SmartShareDLNA
  • SmartShareProvider
  • Videos
  • WfdService
  • WVTest
  • com.lge.shutdownmonitor.apk
  • elt_test
  • rspermlge
  • talkback

Total: 241 files, 673.96MB deleted

Deleted from /system/priv-app/

  • BioITPlatform_SDService
  • DownloadWallPaper_signed
  • DualSimStatus
  • EdenService
  • EodEngine
  • HomeSelector
  • IgniteVodafonereleasenl
  • Leccp
  • LGBackup
  • LGBrowser
  • LGCb
  • LGConciergeBoard
  • LGCover
  • LGDMSClient
  • LGEasyHome
  • LGEmail
  • LGERCSProvider
  • LGExchange
  • LGFileManager
  • LGFormManager
  • LGGestureAnswering
  • LGHome
  • LGIFTTT (Smart Settings)
  • LGLiveWallpapersPicker
  • LGLW_MultiPhoto
  • LGMapUI
  • LGMessage
  • LGMusic
  • LGMusicWidget
  • LGMyGuide
  • LGMyPlacesEngine
  • LGMyPlacesSettings
  • LGPCSuiteService
  • LGRcsCall
  • LGRCSServices
  • LGSmartSharePush
  • LGSnapPage
  • LGTasksProvider
  • LGUpdateCenter
  • LGVidClip
  • LGVideo
  • LGVoiceRecorder
  • LIAInformant
  • LIAS4URecommender
  • OSA_Telstra
  • SmartSetting
  • SplitWindowService
  • Velvet
  • VpnDialogs
  • WapService

Total: 282 files, 415.37MB

Deleted from /system/fonts/

  • Font1_Stable_Slap.ttf
  • Font2_Luminous_Serif.ttf
  • Font3_Smart_Monospaced.ttf
  • Font4_Luminous_Sans.ttf
  • Font5_Comics_Narrow.ttf
  • Font6_Luminous_Script.ttf
  • Font7_Spacious_SmallCap.ttf
  • HYCoffee_Regular.ttf
  • HYCoffee_Bold.ttf
  • HYFoxrain_Regular.ttf
  • HYFoxrain_Bold.ttf
  • HYPureWhite_Regular.ttf
  • HYPureWhite_Bold.ttf
  • HYSerif_Regular.ttf
  • HYSerif_Bold.ttf
  • HYTravel_Regular.ttf
  • HYTravel_Bold.ttf
  • LG_Gujarati.ttf
  • LG_HKSC.ttf
  • LG_Myanmar.ttf
  • LG_Oriya.ttf
  • LG_Punjabi.ttf
  • LGRoboto-Light.ttf
  • LGRoboto-LightItalic.ttf
  • LGSmartGothicKR-Bold.ttf
  • LGSmartGothicKR-Regular.ttf
  • MTLmr3m.ttf
  • NanumGothic.ttf
  • NotoColorEmoji_NonAME.ttf
  • NotoNaskh-Regular.ttf
  • NotoNaskh-Bold.ttf
  • NotoNaskhUI-Regular.ttf
  • NotoNaskhUI-Bold.ttf
  • NotoSansArmenian-Regular.ttf
  • NotoSansArmenian-Bold.ttf
  • NotoSansBengali-Regular.ttf
  • NotoSansBengali-Bold.ttf
  • NotoSansBengaliUI-Regular.ttf
  • NotoSansBengaliUI-Bold.ttf
  • NotoSansCherokee-Regular.ttf
  • NotoSansCanadianAboriginal-Regular.ttf
  • NotoSansDevanagari-Regular.ttf
  • NotoSansDevanagari-Bold.ttf
  • NotoSansDevanagariUI-Regular.ttf
  • NotoSansDevanagariUI-Bold.ttf
  • NotoSansEthiopic-Regular.ttf
  • NotoSansEthiopic-Bold.ttf
  • NotoSansGeorgian-Regular.ttf
  • NotoSansGeorgian-Bold.ttf
  • NotoSansGujarati-Regular.ttf
  • NotoSansGujarati-Bold.ttf
  • NotoSansGujaratiUI-Regular.ttf
  • NotoSansGujaratiUI-Bold.ttf
  • NotoSansGurmukhi-Regular.ttf
  • NotoSansGurmukhi-Bold.ttf
  • NotoSansGurmukhiUI-Regular.ttf
  • NotoSansGurmukhiUI-Bold.ttf
  • NotoSansHebrew-Regular.ttf
  • NotoSansHebrew-Bold.ttf
  • NotoSansHans-Regular.otf
  • NotoSansHant-Regular.otf
  • NotoSansJP-Regular.otf
  • NotoSansKannada-Regular.ttf
  • NotoSansKannada-Bold.ttf
  • NotoSansKannadaUI-Regular.ttf
  • NotoSansKannadaUI-Bold.ttf
  • NotoSansKhmer-Regular.ttf
  • NotoSansKhmer-Bold.ttf
  • NotoSansKhmerUI-Regular.ttf
  • NotoSansKhmerUI-Bold.ttf
  • NotoSansKR-Regular.otf
  • NotoSansLao-Regular.ttf
  • NotoSansLao-Bold.ttf
  • NotoSansLaoUI-Regular.ttf
  • NotoSansLaoUI-Bold.ttf
  • NotoSansMalayalam-Regular.ttf
  • NotoSansMalayalam-Bold.ttf
  • NotoSansMalayalamUI-Regular.ttf
  • NotoSansMalayalamUI-Bold.ttf
  • NotoSansMyanmar-Regular.ttf
  • NotoSansMyanmar-Bold.ttf
  • NotoSansMyanmarUI-Regular.ttf
  • NotoSansMyanmarUI-Bold.ttf
  • NotoSansSinhala-Regular.ttf
  • NotoSansSinhala-Bold.ttf
  • NotoSansTamil-Regular.ttf
  • NotoSansTamil-Bold.ttf
  • NotoSansTamilUI-Regular.ttf
  • NotoSansTamilUI-Bold.ttf
  • NotoSansTelugu-Regular.ttf
  • NotoSansTelugu-Bold.ttf
  • NotoSansTeluguUI-Regular.ttf
  • NotoSansTeluguUI-Bold.ttf
  • NotoSansThai-Regular.ttf
  • NotoSansThai-Bold.ttf
  • NotoSansThaiUI-Regular.ttf
  • NotoSansThaiUI-Bold.ttf
  • NotoSansYi-Regular.ttf
  • Padauk-book.ttf
  • Padauk-bookbold.ttf

Total: 99 Files, 46MB

Modified the following files in /system/etc/

  • fallback_fonts_ame_email.xml
  • fallback_fonts_ame.xml
  • fallback_fonts_email.xml
  • fallback_fonts.xml
  • fonts_ame.xml
  • fonts_lge.xml
  • fonts.xml
  • system_fonts.xml

I modified these files and removed all entries relating to the fonts that I deleted. Not a drastic amount but 52KB saving.

Other Files Removed

  • /system/vendor/pittpatt
  • /system/media/gallery (all files)
  • /system/media/audio/ringtones (all files)
  • /system/media/audio/notifications (all files)
  • /system/tts/ (complete folder)

Total: 50MB

That is over 1.1GB of files I deleted from /system that I don’t use. I don’t use FaceUnlock, TTS and use my own ring and notification tones.

There is probably more things I could remove, but I just haven’t had the time to test them all.

Deleting all this has allowed me to free up some resources, and seems to be a lot better on battery. Until all variants of the LG G4 can be unlocked and we have custom kernels and ROM’s this is the best we’re going to get for non-EU G4’s.

I hope I’ve helped you out, and have improved your G4 experience. If you find anything else that is worthy of mentioning, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment!

LG G4 Quick Circle Case from MobileZap

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With new devices, comes new products and once again the guys over at MobileZap have hooked me (actually Chell) up with a pink Quick Circle Case for the LG G4!

HTC has their DotView, Samsung has their S-View and LG has Quick Circle. However with the G4 they’ve reworked the interface, it has wireless charging (optional) and it looks like it has taken visual queues from the LG Watch Urbane. It is simply beautiful.

  • Unique Circular Window Displays a Clock; Swipe to Access the Music Player, Call Logs, Camera, LG Fitness, or Messaging Apps
  • Wakes Your Phone Automatically When Opened
  • Make Calls via Call Logs; Answer or Decline Incoming Calls
LG G4 Quick Circle Cases

LG G4 Quick Circle Cases

Just like its predecessors the LG G4 has a Quick Circle Case which comes in two flavours and many different colours. One is a replacement back and offers wireless charging whilst the other is simply a snap on back which only works with the ceramic backs and not the leather variant.

Unlike the G3 where it only had a six sectioned place for icons, the Quick Circle on the G4 offers all of the Quick Circle mini apps in a scrolling circle. There are numerous watch faces too, by simply long pressing on the watch face, then swipe to find one you like.

Quick Circle Case - Front

Quick Circle Case – Front

The G4 that my Wife and I have came with the Black Leather back. For this specific case to fit correctly she had to replace it with the ceramic back that the G4 came with. The case then wraps around and sits nice and flush with the screen, protecting the most important part of the phone besides the camera.

Quick Circle Case - Back

Quick Circle Case – Back

The snap on case doesn’t add too much bulk to the actual phone at all. It feels ever so slightly thicker than mine does with just the leather back. If you wanted to go for the thinnest possible option in the Quick Circle Case, you would want the one that has wireless charging built in, as you replace the whole back.

The Quick Circle Case is much more useful on the LG G4 than say the S-View case by Samsung, allowing you to add more applications, customise your applications and LG is giving full compatibility too, meaning you can use them on older phones like the G3 or G2!

Quick Circle Case - Scroll

Quick Circle Case – Scroll

It is a beautiful folio case, for a stunning device. If you’re lucky enough to own an LG G4, I would definitely recommend one of these cases. Even more so if you have a wireless charger. Or if this case isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other LG G4 accessories over at MobileZap. The case itself is a genuine LG product, so it is guaranteed to be a perfect fit and finish.

The LG G4 Quick Circle Case was provided by MobileZap.

PayPal.Me is an easier way to accept payments via PayPal

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Most people online have heard of or used PayPal. If you frequent eBay you probably use it all the time. Being a freelancer or small business, having PayPal would be something you would expect to have too. You can use PayPal to send invoices, or can provide an email address to receive a payment.

Using an email address can look quite unprofressional if you’re using a free email service like gmail or hotmail, especially if it is an address like beerbelly123[@] for example. However PayPal have resolved this by allowing you to have your own short PayPal URL like in which you can share with family, friends, or anyone to get paid.

How do I get a PayPal.Me short PayPal URL?


If you have a PayPal account head over to to and click on Get Started. On the next page type in your desired short URL and click on Use This URL to create your own short URL.


If you already have a PayPal account you then need to login to link your new unique PayPal.Me URL to your account. If not, you can create a new PayPal account.

Paypal.Me links cannot be reserved, and are a first come, first-served basis. Make sure you choose your short URL carefully as it cannot be changed in the future. I created and this is what the page looks like which gives you the option to copy the short URL or share it.


This is a welcomed addition to the amazing services that PayPal offers, and makes giving out a unique PayPal.ME URL all that more professional than an email address. Here is what the PayPal.Me/justynsmith page looks like when navigating to it, giving you the option to send money directly to me. Neat huh?


Have you signed up for a PayPal.Me short URL yet?

Dealing with those talking behind your back

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If you didn’t hear it with your own ears or see it with your own eyes, don’t invent it with your small mind or share it with your big mouth.

We shouldn’t care what others do or say behind our back, however we sometimes do, don’t we?

When you find out someone is talking about you or putting you down without you even knowing it is a horrible feeling, isn’t it? Unfortunately those kind of people may be friends, colleagues, or someone you don’t even know. Since negativity attracts negativity the shit they’re talking about probably gets passed on and you end up finding out about it from someone who was honest enough to come forward and tell you to your face.

In these kind of situations it may be hard to not retaliate. Until you have some kind of proof of what people are saying, it is merely gossip. So remain focussed on being the best kind of person you can be. It sounds cliché but take the higher road.

You will wonder if the person that did decide to tell you was also the one partaking in these conversations too and the only reason for them to tell you was to clear their own conscience. Eminem describes it perfectly in his song If I Had: “Friends are people that you think are your friends, but they really your enemies, with secret identities and disguises, to hide they true colors.”

Everybody has their own secrets. Choose your friends wisely. Choose what you share with them. If they share things with you, then keep it that way by not passing it on, or gossiping. Be positive. Stay a true friend and don’t talk behind their back. Be honest with yourself and keep your mind healthy. As much as negativity attracts negativity, the same can be said for positivity too.

In the end people will gossip and talk behind your back. It is however completely up to you how you react in the situation. Try and react in a positive way.