Monthly Archives: January 2008

Internet Speeds Up!

Well as most of you probably know, I was on Dialup (Yes, that connection still exists). I just got connected up to ADSL yesterday It’s only a 8000/384 connection due to my line being on a RIM, so no ADSL2+ for me, even thought it is so much cheaper I’m loving the speeds of the… Read More

Posting from WLW

Well, I downloaded the final version of Windows Live Writer to see how it performs with WordPress. So far it’s working, but will have to see how this post turns out first. I hate the whole “online installer” stuff, so found the “source” msi installer for a standalone installer (offline). So for the people that… Read More

Girls Birthday

Yesterday was Emily and Tiana’s second birthday, the terrible two’s, but with twins! I finished work at 3pm yesterday and got the girls, by the time we got home it was about 3:30pm, they unwrapped their presents and had some cake, we got some photos and they were all happy and cute. Micah came to… Read More

Cloverfield and Jumper

Rachelle and I went to see Cloverfield at the cinema last night. It was quite a strange movie, especially the whole “filmed from a camera” just like The Blair Witch Project. Other than that it was quite decent, you never really got to see the monster until the end, and never did find out where… Read More

What a trip

Josh’s car broke down yesterday about 70km’s South of Sarina, and got it towed to Sarina which is about 35km’s South of Mackay. We got a phonecall asking if we can go pick him up, so being the kind people we are we set off on a long trip. Mind you, I did all this… Read More


Rachelle went out tonight with some of her friends and catch up with some from her work, so I decided to do something nice for her. She was saying the other day that she cleans the house and the next day it is a mess. So, while she is out, I decided to clean up… Read More