Monthly Archives: January 2008

Internet Speeds Up!

Well as most of you probably know, I was on Dialup (Yes, that connection still exists). I just got connected up to ADSL yesterday 🙂 It’s only a 8000/384 connection due to my line being on a RIM, so no ADSL2+ for me, even thought it is so much cheaper 🙁 I’m loving the speeds… Read More

Windows Vista Power Guide

I saw this guide over at Chris123NT’s blog about an extensive power guide for Windows Vista that Kristan Kenney originally wrote. I have not tried it yet, but it looks like it would be a good start to getting performance and battery life out of Vista on a laptop. Once I try it, I will… Read More

Serious bug in Vista, explorer.exe

I stumbled across this post made by Chris Holmes on his blog over at Chris123NT but to quote the original from Kristan Kenney over at Windows-Now. So, I’ve run across what seems to be a very serious bug in Windows Vista and it still exists in Service Pack 1 RC1 (and I really don’t know… Read More

Sweet Titles

I have added Sweet Titles by Dustin Diaz to my blog just recently, I think it looks great. You will notice it at work when you hover over any link, you will see a nice transparent box “popup” with the details of the link inside it. I think it’s a nice little feature, and uses… Read More