Monthly Archives: February 2008

New Laptop

Well I have decided not to get the dell anymore, since they can’t provide a tax invoice until I receive the goods. So Rachelle and I went looking around on Wednesday for a new laptop, and ended up going to Joyce Mayne to see a friend, Josh. After waiting quite awhile since he was serving… Read More


Rachelle and I have watched quite a few movies lately. We have watched the first 5 episodes of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, so thought it would be good to watch The Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgement Day and Terminator 3: Rise of The Machines so we could see how the new TV series fits in… Read More

Long Weekend

I had a long weekend this weekend, it was great. I got to spend time with the kids and Rachelle. On Sunday we decided to go to the Strand for a BBQ lunch, but it failed due to the stupid rain that came over, so we played with the kids at the water park and… Read More

What a day

This morning started with the girls sneaking out of their room, and into ours to wake us up at about 6:30am, which was naughty. We then did the usual, breakfast, getting the kids dressed etc. We then took the kids and Cassie to Pallarenda to go for a swim, they enjoyed it and Rachelle and… Read More

Linksys WAG54Gv2 Issue

I currently have a Linksys WAG54Gv2 running at home, and I have never seen a modem to be so temperamental. It randomly looses the internet link, the wireless also. I awoke this morning, and noticed the laptop had lost the WLAN connection, so I checked the modem and saw no internet light on. As per… Read More

Windows Vista SP1 RTM

Well, it seems the Vista SP1 has gone RTM, and as all speculations are, the build number is indeed 6001.18000 (rtm.080118-1840) and is available in both x86 and x64 builds, weighing in at 434MB (x86) and 726MB (x64). It is meant to fix a few extra bugs that are in Vista, personally I haven’t noticed… Read More

Key and mouse distance tracker

I know there have been these gimmick’s around for years (how many km’s you move your mouse, how many times you press keys), and found BeWeS MouseTracker which records the distance your mouse moves & submits it online. What I was looking for was one that stores it on your hard drive, and also counts… Read More