Monthly Archives: March 2008

WordPress 2.5 Released

With the release of WordPress 2.5, I quickly downloaded it and updated my blog. I must say I put a lot of faith in it, as I didn’t backup my database or files, ran the upgrade and it all worked, nothing was broken. However if you decide to upgrade, don’t take my word for it,… Read More

TorrentSpy closes its doors

After a long, expensive two year battle with the MPAA, TorrentSpy has decided to shut down permanently. TorrentSpy was once one of the most popular sites among the BitTorrent community, but things changed after a federal judge ordered TorrentySpy to log all user data. Justin Bunnell, founder of TorrentSpy wrote on the site: “We have… Read More

WebKit gets 100/100 Acid3 test

Well, it looks like the publicly available WebKit (Apple’s Safari) has succeded in getting 100/100 for the Acid3 test. Opera has also claimed it has reached 100/100 too, but is an internal build at the moment. You can download the latest nightly build of WebKit (r31368 – Windows / r31370 – OS X) over on… Read More

Unified Communications Lauch

I received my package in the mail yesterday from Microsoft, containing the Unified Communications Launch 2007 discs. The package consisted of 2 discs, containing: Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 – Full Version Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 – Full Version Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 SP1 – Trial Version Microsoft Office Live Meeting – Trial Version It… Read More

Philosophy of life

An email was going around the office at work with all kinds of jokes and stories in it, I just thought this one was good enough to share, some of you may have seen it before, those who haven’t, enjoy. A philosophy professor stood before his class and had some items in front of him.… Read More

WordPress 2.5 delayed

Well it seems WordPress 2.5 has been delayed again, it’s initial release was for March 10, then pushed back until March 17, then March 21. So far according to the WordPress trac it’s a day old so far. There is still currently 256 active tickets, which I hope will get fixed up soon. It’s good… Read More

WordPress 2.5

Well, it seems WordPress 2.5 will be released on my birthday (thats right, today), but it will be late tonight as it’s not 17th March in the states just yet. It seems quite strange, I haven’t seen any Beta or RC releases of WP 2.5, I just hope all of the plugins are compatible with… Read More

Some Beta Testing

As most of you probably know, Windows Live Messenger 9.0 Beta has been floating around, and Microsoft just released Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1. I was thinking the other day of testing WLM9, and just saw about IE8 getting released, and thought what better time to test it. I am in the process of downloading… Read More

Laptop Finally Setup

Well, I have been setting up / copying / backing up stuff from Rachelle’s laptop to mine, and it is finally all done. The laptop runs beautifully, can really notice the difference going from 32bit Vista to 64bit, everything is just so much more snappy and executes faster. Rachelle also bought a new camera today,… Read More