Monthly Archives: April 2008

The weekend

I awoke with a phone call today at 12noon, I was sleeping in because I got home late from Kirsten’s 21’s last night. I answered the call, and my sister said “have you forgotten something?”, it was her 18th birthday today, I remembered, I was just asleep. So I said happy birthday to her, and… Read More

’98 TF Magna Solara

On Tuesday Rachelle and I went down to the car dealership to pick up our Magna. It’s a ’98 model, is tinted and has 17″ rims, doesn’t have any dents. It also has a head-unit and speakers, but the laser must be dying as it doesn’t play-back cd’s properly, the radio will do for now… Read More


Rachelle went to Cairns for the night / weekend with Kirsten and Amanda yesterday. They drove up and are spending the night there and going to the markets today to do some shopping. I asked Josh if he wanted to come around, so he ended up turning up about 8:30pm and we ordered some pizza… Read More

Notepad2 editor

I generally do all my HTML/PHP/CSS editing in Notepad, and one fallback with the Notepad that comes with windows is syntax highlighting. I found this neat little program called Notepad2, which is lightweight, doesn’t require any installation, and doesn’t change anything in the registry which is a bonus! The installation file weighs in at 247KB,… Read More

Certified Vista advisor

I received my package in the mail today from Microsoft, containing a “Windows Vista Advisor” shirt and certificate. I obtained it from doing the Vista Fact or Fiction awhile ago. As far as I know it is still valid, but you only receive the certificate now instead of the shirt.

Sunday at Riverway

I had Sunday off work so we decided to take the kids to Riverway for the afternoon. We bought the boys some bodyboards to take to the pool, they loved them. We bought some new floaties for the girls, and they dived into the pool and swam to us, it was so cute. Jacob and… Read More

What to call this post?

I decided to finally swap my license over to a Queensland one, mainly because my current Victorian one ran out on 08/04/2008. We went to QLD Transport on Thursday, and they had to get my details from NSW/VIC to see how long I have held my Provisional license for. So went in yesterday, I was… Read More