Monthly Archives: April 2008


Rachelle went to Cairns for the night / weekend with Kirsten and Amanda yesterday. They drove up and are spending the night there and going to the markets today to do some shopping. I asked Josh if he wanted to come around, so he ended up turning up about 8:30pm and we ordered some pizza… Read More

Notepad2 editor

I generally do all my HTML/PHP/CSS editing in Notepad, and one fallback with the Notepad that comes with windows is syntax highlighting. I found this neat little program called Notepad2, which is lightweight, doesn’t require any installation, and doesn’t change anything in the registry which is a bonus! The installation file weighs in at 247KB,… Read More

Certified Vista advisor

I received my package in the mail today from Microsoft, containing a “Windows Vista Advisor” shirt and certificate. I obtained it from doing the Vista Fact or Fiction awhile ago. As far as I know it is still valid, but you only receive the certificate now instead of the shirt.