Monthly Archives: May 2008

Replace Notepad with Notepad2, Vista

One of my previous posts was about the text editor Notepad2. Which as I mentioned before is a lightweight editor which also has syntax highlighting. Now I recently noticed a forum post on MSFN, on how to replace Notepad with Notepad2, so without further ado, here is the code: takeown /f %Systemroot%\notepad.exe takeown /f %Systemroot%\System32\notepad.exe… Read More

History repeats itself

Well it seems like everyone touted Vista as “the bad OS”, especially when SP1 came out, causing reboot loops. A lot of people seemed to steer clear of SP1, saying that XP was a lot better. Now, the question is, everyone that put dirt on Vista SP1 for the endless reboot loop, and sticking with… Read More

Defaulted phone, clean install

Well since upgrading to v21.0.016 of the firmware on my N95-1, I decided to default the phone & format the memory card and start all fresh again. I guess it’s always good to start fresh, just like with Windows. The first thing I put on the phone is a nice theme called Ice by Pizero,… Read More

N95-1 v21.0.016 fails

Well I decided to try update the firmware on my N95-1 yesterday, but for some reason it just wont update. I flashed it to v20.0.015 when it came out fine, but to v21.0.0.16 it just wont. I have the latest version of Nokia PC Suite (v6.86) and Nokia Software Updater (v1.4.36), and when I run… Read More