Monthly Archives: June 2008

Official date

Chell and I have officially set a date for our wedding which is Saturday May 23, 2009, which is 334 days away. We decided on that date since it will be our two year anniversary. We are going to try save up some money and pay for Mum & Dad to fly up for the… Read More

Firefox 3 is here

The much awaited and anticipated web browser is here. Firefox 3 has been awhile in the making, and just for the people that like reading over the release notes, they are also available. To become part of the Guiness World Records, please go ahead and download Firefox 3, you have roughly until 04:00 on the… Read More

Sickness, Movies, Rest

I started getting sick on Sunday, which was quite bad. I couldn’t sleep properly, coughing all the time, nausea e.t.c. It has worked in my favour though, as I am still sick, I have pretty much quit smoking which is good. I have Tue/Wed off work, so Chell and I decided to hire some movies… Read More