Monthly Archives: July 2008

The Dark Knight

On Saturday evening, Chell, me and the boys decided to watch The Dark Knight. Matt got almost half way through it, but fell asleep so he went off to bed. Chell watched 3/4’s of it, and got bored of it. I watched the whole movie with Jacob, but I must say that it isn’t as… Read More

BigPond Account Scam

This is just a warning to people that are connected to BigPond. As of late, there has been a hoax email being sent to BigPond customers, stating that their bill payments were unable to be processes. This e-mail has been sent to you by BigPond to inform you that we were unable to process your… Read More

Road trip to Paluma

We got the kids back last Saturday, so decided to go on a road trip up to Paluma. Paluma is about an hour and a half drive from Townsville. It was quite cool in Paluma, since it’s surrounded by rainforest and mountains. Chell got a bit excited about the temperature so took a photo of… Read More

Can’t wait for dinner

Well I arrived home from work around 7:30pm tonight, was looking forward to it as Chell and I are having Masala for dinner, it is so delicious. I picked up the food, but we are looking after the kids since Micah is busy, so we have to wait for him to pick them up before… Read More

Dinner and movie

After work today Chell and I went out to dinner and see a movie, it was such a great night. We don’t go out very often, so it was nice to spend some quality time with Chell. We went to Hog’s Breath for dinner, that place has the nicest steak I have ever eaten. Afterwards… Read More