Monthly Archives: August 2008

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2

Microsoft have released English, German, Japanese and Simplified Chinese beta 2 versions of Internet Explorer 8. The installer weighs in at 23.1 MB and users will be required to remove beta 1 before it can be installed. As per the previous releases of Internet Explorer 8, there is compatability mode which allows the sites to… Read More

Funds, funds, funds

I was just sitting here thinking about the things I have to pay next week, and how it leave’s no money left over — but that’s life, right? I remember a little quip my accountant told me, that made me think, it goes like this: Two things you can never avoid in life is Tax… Read More

Movie: Next

The other day Chell and I watched a movie called Next. It stars Nicolas Cage and Jessica Biel. The movie is about a man that can see into the future, but the catch is that he can only see his future, it involves action, murder, suspense. The plot on IMDB states: Las Vegas showroom magician… Read More