Monthly Archives: November 2008

Email Hoaxes

I have received not only one, but two email hoaxes from friends within three days of themselves. The first one is the good old “Bill Gates will give you money if you forward this”, the other being “Ericsson giving away free laptops”. Now here is some of the transcript from the emails, and why they… Read More

iPhone Screenshots

Well I did a full restore of my iPhone yesterday, and decided to re-do it all again and take some screenshots of the iPhone in all it’s glory, haha. The theme I’m using is called Tenius which is a nice lightweight theme and also using the NeoTech font which compliments it nicely. I’ve installed the… Read More

Acronis True Image Home 2009

Well I did a clean install of Windows Vista yesterday and got all my programs and applications installed. This time I decided to create an image of the drive, and see how the backup / restore goes. My main drive (C:) is 83GB and after Vista and all the applications it has 35GB used. I… Read More

iLove my iPhone

Well, as everyone would know, I used to be very anti-apple, and touted the iPhone as a devil phone. But since I bought one, my judgement has changed, and it really is quite a nice device. The first thing I did when I got the iPhone, was JailBreak it with QuickPwn. This allows you to… Read More

Posting from iPhone

Well today I decided to bite the bullet an purchase an iPhone. Chell has been wanting one for awhile, so I thought I might get one too. Optus have a killer deal on the 8GB ones so it was kind of good. We also got two silicone protectors for half price too. Well I guess… Read More