Monthly Archives: December 2008

iPhone 3G Unlock

When I mention the code-name yellowsn0w most people will know it’s the latest thing to come out from The Dev Team. They have made a soft unlock for the 3G baseband version 2.11.07 which is present in the 2.1 firmware. The soft unlock or yellowsn0w as it’s called will be released on New Years Eve.… Read More

Belkin Silicone Sleeve

Today I saw some Belkin silicone sleeve’s for the 3G iPhone, so I decided to get them. They came in a pack of two, one pink and one black. This was convenient as Chell has an iPhone too and likes the colour pink. They are nice and thin, but not too thin and fit the… Read More

3G Speed Test

Well my iPhone is on Optus and most people I know or the things I’ve been reading say that Optus’s 3G network is shit. So I decided to do a speed test and here are the results. Now this was done inside a shopping centre about 12:30pm on a Friday afternoon. Now as the picture… Read More

Say NO to Internet Censorship

All of you by now should know that Australia is introducing internet censorship. Now here in Australia we already pay premium rates for the internet compared to other countries, how can they filter out what we browse. I highly disagree with internet censorship, if I’m paying for an internet service, I expect to get that… Read More