Yearly Archives: 2008

iLove my iPhone

Well, as everyone would know, I used to be very anti-apple, and touted the iPhone as a devil phone. But since I bought one, my judgement has changed, and it really is quite a nice device. The first thing I did when I got the iPhone, was JailBreak it with QuickPwn. This allows you to… Read More

Posting from iPhone

Well today I decided to bite the bullet an purchase an iPhone. Chell has been wanting one for awhile, so I thought I might get one too. Optus have a killer deal on the 8GB ones so it was kind of good. We also got two silicone protectors for half price too. Well I guess… Read More

Time off work… Thinking

Well, I’ve had 3 days off work which has allowed me to think about everything quite a lot, that’s all I seem to be doing lately, just sitting around thinking. I’ve been talking to Chell and Josh lately, which has been good. I’m still up in the air about if I’m going to stay in… Read More


A lot of stuff has changed this past month. Some things that are bad, other things that have been good. Work at Telstra is going good, but it seems that I’m stuck in a rut there, nothing seems to be progressing as quick as I intended. I haven’t made a definate decision yet, but an… Read More

Dinner and a BBQ

Last night I cooked a nice Indian Butter Chicken and rice for dinner. Chell and I both loved it. It was delicious and Chell even said it tasted just like Masala. Then we got the kids back today so we went to The Strand and I cooked a BBQ lunch which was yum. The kids… Read More

Akismet; Spam comments

Well, I was going through my comments that Akismet happened to catch. I am suprised at the amount of garbage that would get through if it wasn’t for Akismet. Just going through the comments, there is things in there that are quite strange, like: Thankfully modern penis enlargement techniques offer REAL results and empower men… Read More

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2

Microsoft have released English, German, Japanese and Simplified Chinese beta 2 versions of Internet Explorer 8. The installer weighs in at 23.1 MB and users will be required to remove beta 1 before it can be installed. As per the previous releases of Internet Explorer 8, there is compatability mode which allows the sites to… Read More

Funds, funds, funds

I was just sitting here thinking about the things I have to pay next week, and how it leave’s no money left over — but that’s life, right? I remember a little quip my accountant told me, that made me think, it goes like this: Two things you can never avoid in life is Tax… Read More