Monthly Archives: March 2009

Australian Classification Board hacked

Update: It seems the website was been taken down, and did display “Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)”. They have now updated the site and it says “We are currently upgrading our website and some features are temporarily unavailable. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.” The Australian Classification Board website seems to have been hacked this evening.… Read More

Why I’m using Skribit

Along with the new theme design and photos. I have also added a widget on the right side of the page called Skribit. Skribit is basically a blog topic suggestion application which allows you, the reader to suggest things that you would like to read about. Skribit was developed by Paul Stamatiou who is a… Read More

ACMA Blacklist leaked

The ACMA blacklist has been updated to March 18, 2009. You can download it here. Well it’s been all over the news that Wikileaks has leaked the apparent blacklist of filtered websites for Australia which I have created a mirror of here. The list that which contains 2457 lines is floating around which contains websites… Read More

Fishbowl Network Review

I thought in light of the recent downtime (due to server change) and me not updating my WordPress configuration files, I would write up a quick review about Fishbowl Network. You may have noticed both websites of mine, this one and AusTech Computer Services are hosted with Fishbowl Network. I have had my website hosted… Read More