Monthly Archives: April 2009

xchat-gnome is not XChat

I installed Ubuntu 9.04 today on my EeePC and notice that the version of XChat I had installed seemed different. The first thing I noticed was it was called xchat-gnome and was build 0.xx. Knowing that XChat was up to version 2.8 I thought it seemed quite odd.

Eventful Day

Last night the boys friend Jayden stayed over. They had fun watching movies and playing the Playstation 2, they stayed up until midnight! Today Chell and I took all the kids to Bowen for the day to swim and have fun, it was great. We stopped off at Ayr where the big rainbow serpent is… Read More


In recent events of the new scams going around in regards to the stimulus package that is being handed out I thought I would post about a website called SCAMwatch.