Monthly Archives: July 2009

Comcen Usage Meter

Since doing the Exetel and WestNet usage meters, Shane and I decided to create a Comcen Usage Meter. It’s written in PHP, and might be able to fix the code up a bit, so again if you have any recommendations please comment. Now you can download it but iIt’s not as thorough as the Exetel… Read More

WestNet Usage Meter

Again I was bored, and much like my Exetel Usage Meter I decided to make a WestNet one. Now you can download this and remember, it requires PHP5 and SimpleXML. It’s not as thorough as the Exetel one since there wasn’t as much data available to pull. It will automatically refresh every 15min, if the… Read More

PHP News Feed

Well I got bored today so I decided to write a PHP news feed grabber with SimpleXML. It grabs the RSS feeds from, iTnews and Digg which then puts it into a nice little page and table. You can see a demo of it here – times are based on QLD time.

Exetel Usage Meter

I have released Beta 2.1 – It runs off SimpleXML and also has Daily / Past Monthly Usage and Average Daily Left. I was bored the other day so I decided to create Exetel Usage Meter. It’s a basic PHP script that shows the current usage / ip address. You can view a demo here… Read More

Why www? Make it no-www!

When you visit a website it can generally be accessed via “” or “”. Having access to both versions will in fact over time harm your search engine ranking. When you send an email to someone their address generally isn’t “”. It would more likely be “” so why not just remove the www. from… Read More