Monthly Archives: December 2009

How much Chrisco really costs

So I guess you’ve already seen the ads on television or saw it in the paper, about Chrisco Christmas Hampers in which you pay a certain amount of money each week and at the end of the year everything gets delivered. The question is how much does it really cost?

Apple’s Tablet PC, possible video?

With all the rumors going around about the new Tablet PC from Apple, possibly called iSlate as reported by Neowin, I decided to Google around a bit more and came across this interesting YouTube video. httpv:// This is a nice looking concept of the Apple Tablet PC, and can’t wait to see what Apple has… Read More

Optus Tethering on iPhone OS 3.1.2

There is now a simple way to enable tethering on the iPhone 3G/3Gs using Optus without paying extra. Now if you do happen to get charged I take no responsibility. Your iPhone must be JailBroken. Add as a source in Cydia, then search for Tethering and install the one corresponding to your iPhone (Tethering… Read More