Monthly Archives: August 2010

Speed up the iPhone 4

I take no responsibility if you destroy your phone, it explodes or your arm falls off. So you’re probably thinking the iPhone 4 is fast enough already, right? Well if there is any bit of performance you can squeeze out of a device then why not? After doing all this I get around 360MB –… Read More

Five weeks later

Cayden will be 5 weeks old tomorrow. He is growing up so fast. I’m not sure what to say and this post will probably be babbling so I apologise now. What can I say? He is amazing and can make you feel so many different emotions all in an instance. The journey has only just… Read More

How Aussie are you?

I stole borrowed this meme from OzSoapbox who got it from Daniel Bowen and so on and so forth. I don’t generally do meme’s but figured hey, I’m Aussie so let’s give it a go. All the ones I have done I have marked in bold. I also have added extra comments (if you copy… Read More