Yearly Archives: 2010

Child sex abuser plays sympathy card?

I previously wrote a post about a local Townsville man that was granted bail after being charged with 46 child sex accounts. Those of you that know Chell, myself or the kids will know who this is and the kids are still scared that he wont go to jail. Now that he has made his… Read More

New house, newborn, new start

We have been living in our new home for 3 weeks now and it has been great. We have 4 bedrooms upstairs, one bedroom downstairs, a large entertainment area, bar and a pool. We’ve been swimming a couple times (it’s getting a bit cool) and have had a lot of fun. The house really is… Read More

Blue/Green screen effects

Nearly all of you that read this would have seen TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Heroes and other TV series. Some shows you will find the actors walking through the snow or along a street down town. What you don’t see though is the blue/green screens behind them. This amazing video shows some behind the… Read More

CrunchBang Linux and EeePC 1000HE

I was running Windows 7 on my EeePC and decided to get rid of it. I formatted my drive completely and installed CrunchBang Linux 10 (Statler). Statler is an Alpha release and based off of Debian Squeeze but still running the lightweight Openbox. For those that are familiar with GNU/Linux know that CrunchBang Linux was… Read More

Hands-on review of 4th Gen iPhone

It seems that Gizmodo have trumped Engadget this time with a hands-on review of the (possible) new iPhone that was found earlier this week. They pulled the device apart, put it back together and almost have confirmed authenticity. httpv:// Gizmodo has taken a lot of photos and posted a lot of specs about the new… Read More

Video games attack NYC

What happens when your favourite 8-bit video games start taking over New York City? The following video will show you what happens and is incredibly well done. httpv:// Pixels is Patrick Jean’s latest short film which was shot on location in New York.

Business card throwing video

Here is a clip of a guy throwing business cards with extreme precision. All the cards have details of the Samsung Digital Camcorder H205. He shot the video for the launch of the H205 and also filmed it on a H205. httpv:// I think he is quite talented and a great video, what do you… Read More