Monthly Archives: July 2015

Some quick tips for supporting someone with depression

Depression is a terrible disorder which can sabotage relationships, friendships, family and friends. The person that suffers from depression can feel hopeless and worthless. Those around the person that suffers can feel helpless. Its effects impact everyone that are involved, and it sucks. Being on both sides of this illness I thought I may share… Read More

A third of the world using social media, but 90% concerned about privacy (Infographic)

If you’ve not heard of Minds it is essentially a new social network currently in Beta that focuses on security, privacy and transparency more than other social media giants like Facebook. Minds claims that it encrypts all messages so they cannot be read by governments, advertises or even Minds themselves. Facebook has been in the… Read More

Facebook experimenting on its users again with a rainbow flag?

The past week your news feed on Facebook has probably been a lot more colourful. The Supreme Court approved same-sex marriage last week in the United States, and in celebration Facebook is offering a tool to add a rainbow overlay to their profile picture dubbed Celebrate Pride. There was more than a million people who… Read More