Busy busy

By | December 22, 2007

Well today I awoke at 5am to turn the alarm off, and layed back down in bed, then Rachelle woke me back up at 5:15am saying that I should get ready for work. Did all the usual (shower, dressed and drive). I got to work about 5:50am, and went to go buy some iced coffee, but the vending machine was empty!

I don’t know why people get up at 6am to call up Telstra for technical support, people should be still sleeping at those hours of a morning on a weekend! Work was constant all day, I ended up leaving at 11am as I felt sick (had a sore throat, felt sick when I ate lunch and had a fever), so I came home early.

I had two ibuprofen pills to combat the headache and all, now it’s all better. Rachelle and I are going to look at some puppies (we are thinking about getting one!).

Well that’s all for now, I might update some more later.

Update: we ended up getting a puppy, it’s a Boxer x German Sheppard, it’s a little cutie! We took her for a walk last night, she walked for quite a bit, then we carried her since she was puffing so much.