Busy day

By | December 29, 2007

After sleeping in until 8am this morning (I worked a late shift last night), we got the kids dressed and decided to go to Freckles Fun Factory. We spent two wholesome hours of fun there, it was great, the girls got on the jumping castle, and maintained a fair amount of balance whilst jumping, the boys had a mega game of hide & seek.

We got quite a few photo’s, so might put them into the gallery later on sometime. After all that we came back home, the girls had a sleep and we watched Scrubs. The girls then woke up, so we ended up going for a drive to the city to check out what’s happening. We got some dinner and came back home, ate, bathed the girls and put them to bed.

The boys a playing the Wii now, and I’m just about to pour a cold drink since it’s quite warm here. Later on I might have a few drinks with Rachelle, and watch some dvd’s, not sure which yet, but will work something out!