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Kids should spend no more than two hours online

Pediatricians say excessive screen time has been linked with violence, cyber-bullying, school woes, obesity, lack of sleep and a host of other problems. I would say that almost every parent would be guilty of their child(ren) being on a screen for more than two hours per day (be it TV, computer, gaming console, mobile device).… Read More

Android 5.0 confirmed. Android L teaser video posted by Google

Today is October 15 here in Australia, and there seems to be a rumour about it being a massive day for Android. After all, Google hasn’t officially mentioned anything regarding any new devices, announcement dates or their upcoming version of Android L. However there’s plenty of information about the Nexus 6, Nexus 9, and Android L.… Read More

A new venture…

In the past couple of weeks Chell and I have been thinking about taking a new venture into photography. It won’t be something that will make me resign from my current job to persue full-time but more of a hobby until things pick up. For as long as I can remember Chell has been an… Read More

First real photo shoot

As most of you that know Chell and I know we both enjoy photography (albeit we’re amateurs) but nonetheless we enjoy it. We own a Canon 1000D with a EFS 18-55mm and EFS 75-300mm lenses. While photography isn’t something we consider as a “serious” subject right now, it is something we would like to pursue.… Read More