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Facebook and Instagram down, hacked by Lizard Squad?

Update: Facebook and Instagram seem to be back online now. I bet that was a long hour for all those socialites out there! Update: It seems Lizard Squad have taken credit for the outage, claiming it had taken down several services. The group had also taken credit for a hack of the Malaysia Airlines site earlier in… Read More

What is blogging?

I thought I might write an article about Blogs (or weblogs). A blog is a type of website (like this one) which allows the individual to update it with anything they like; be it information about a certain event or a video of their animal. Think of a blog as a personal online diary, or… Read More

Parent’s know best when it comes to kids

So there seems that people would like some discussion around the topic that parent’s know best. Simon Tofield has created a YouTube clip (Kids aren’t that smart – Cat). What are your views on this, do parent’s really know best? Here is a couple more YouTube clips to have a look at. httpv:// httpv://

Has reCaptcha been cracked?

I’m not sure what to say here, I have ReCaptcha on my blog to fight spam comments, and my idea was it was to stop bots from spamming the comments. Lately I have been getting 20-30 comment’s waiting for approval, ones like these: – Yeah … Here people used to say: ABC teach – in… Read More