Child sex abuser plays sympathy card?

By | June 10, 2010

I previously wrote a post about a local Townsville man that was granted bail after being charged with 46 child sex accounts. Those of you that know Chell, myself or the kids will know who this is and the kids are still scared that he wont go to jail.

Now that he has made his Facebook profile public, he has posted a note entitled “J M E T” (Jacob, Matt, Emily Tiana), the names of each of each one of his children which reads.

Every day i wake, and your not there, i wish i was dreaming, i feel so lost without u guys. Knowing i cant see you or talk to you leaves my soul empty. i sit here writing this not knowing if it will ever change. All that i wanted and all that i loved, torn away from me.

I sit wondering how or if i can keep dealing with this emptyness every minute of every hour. My lifeless soul cry tears of sorrow.

I want so much to hold you, see you or hear ur voices again. I wont ever stop thinking about you.

You probably wont get to read this, but know you are always in my heart,

I love you.


I can understand if you are away on a business trip you miss your kids. I don’t know how though, after sexually abusing your child and then disappearing to another state you can justify what it means by missing your children.

The reason they were torn away was because it was in the best interest and safety that they be removed from your care by the Police.

I know I don’t have the best track record but when it comes to the kids, I do love them (I didn’t emphasise on the love because I don’t know how you define love, if you are reading this) and will always care for them. I will never abuse them or make them scared of seeing me, ever.

  • Rachelle

    I can not believe he has not told people what he has done! And he is sitting back there doing whatever while we are up here picking up the pieces, dealing with numerous counsellors/psychologists and other departments!!!!

    People are feeling sorry for him not being able to see the kids but they have no idea why he is not able to see the kids!!!!

    And funny how after this was posted we start getting missed ‘private’ calls and this blog was hacked, well tried to be hacked anyway!

    One particular section of his bail requirements states that he will break bail if:

    He directly or indirectly harasses or interferes with a person who may be required to give evidence relating to the offense he has been released on bail.

    He needs to man up!!! Admit what he has done once and for all and pay the consequences so the kids can finally heal and deal with closure from this horrible unimaginable time in their lives!!!