By | December 27, 2007

Well, I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I had a pretty good time, Chell and I cooked a chicken on the webber, we also cooked some pork and ham the night before for a Christmas Eve dinner. On Christmas, we awoke and I got dressed up in a Santa suit to hand out all the kids pressies, they loved it! Emily and Tiana loved their Dora the Explorer toys, Matt loved his Nintendo Wii game, and Jacob loved his Nintendo DS game & pack.

We then went to their Aunty’s place for more pressies and breakfast, we got some photo’s and opened the presents, Rachelle’s mum got us a big hamper, it was great! After that we headed back home and waited for their Dad to pick them up. We were then bored so decided to watch the Harry Potter series.

Our puppy, Cassie is doing great too, she’s a little terror, but what pup isn’t?