Crazy, crazy, crazy

By | August 24, 2012

Well, well, well. I figured an updated post was long overdue so thought I would take some time out to do this. Where do I begin? As the title says, everything has been a little crazy lately. Tiana, Cayden, Chell and myself have been sick (albeit for 2 days or more), and it’s sucked!

On top of that, my wisdom tooth was quite painful so finally decided to get it removed. I went to Absolutely Dental and it ended up costing $345 to get my tooth removed. On top of that, the Delica needed fixing, which was close to $600. Now, add in the fact that Tiana had some kind of stomach bug on Thursday, we ended up having to cancel our booking at Cairns (we were due to go away with the kids this weekend), so we ended up losing out on that too.

What a week! It has indeed been crazy, and now I am on antibiotics due to an infection (Dry Socket) where the tooth was removed. It is a bit tender and sore. Combating it with pain-relief and salt-rinses to help aid in the repair of the gum. So hopefully in a few days that will all be better. Now to just fix whatever is wrong with Cayden and all chaos shall be restored for a brief moment!

I guess this is where I will leave it for now. I hope your week has been a lot better than ours!