My Cydia Sources and Applications

By | November 23, 2010

Everytime I upgrade my firmware I JailBreak it and have a hard time remembering which sources / applications I have setup in Cydia. I figured if I wrote a post it will not only benefit me but some other people out there may also find it useful. Please use at your own discression and don’t blame me if you break your iPhone/iPod/iPad when using any of these applications or sources.

My Sources List
iHacksRepo –
Hackulo –
Sinful iPhone –
xSellize –

Installed Cydia Applications
AndroidLock XT – An Android like lock.
FastCopy – Removes delay for copy/paste menu.
FastSnap – Use volume buttons to take photos / video.
FolderEnhancer – Improves and extends iOS4 folders.
iFile – A file manager and viewer.
Installous – Enables installation of IPA files.
iSpeedTouched – Find possible security keys for WiFi networks.
LockInfo – Customize LockScreen with Mail/Calendar/Weather e.t.c.
MarkThatMessage – Timestamp on all messages in SMS application.
MobileTerminal – Terminal for the iPhone.
NoSpot – Hides SpotLight page.
PhoneCloser – Stops Phone from appearing after making / receiving calls.
QuickReply for SMS – Reply to SMS/MMS from any location.
SBSettings – Toggles for 3G/WiFi/Location e.t.c.
SpringFlash – Turn on LED via Activator.
uRemote – Remote control for uTorrent WebUI.
3G Unrestrictor – Remove “WiFi only” on applications (FaceTime e.t.c.)
20 Second Lock Screen – Keeps lockscreen active for 20 seconds.?