Enable Tethering and disable Group MMS on Optus iPhone

By | June 24, 2009
Optus released v4.2 of the carrier settings. I have modified this version and is included in the download. If iTunes has prompted you to download the new carrier setting you will need to re-apply this update which has the modified APN for tethering.

As most of you know that are using iPhone OS 3.0 when you sent a text to multiple recipients it sends it as an MMS. This can be quite frustrating for the recipients as they may not use MMS.

What I have done is created an Optus carrier update (based of the one from Apple dated 20090612) which you can download which disables the group MMS option and also enables tethering using “yesinternet” as the APN and adds the “yes optus” carrier logo instead of just saying “optus”. Just a warning that you may be charged for tethering, I can’t guarantee you wont be.

Once the file is downloaded you need to run the following command:
Windows: Start > Run >

"C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunes.exe" /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1

MAC: Open Terminal >

defaults write com.apple.iTunes carrier-testing -bool TRUE

This will enable you to update the ipcc file in iTunes 8.2. Then open iTunes and connect your iPhone and shift (option on a MAC) + click on “Check for Update”, browse to where you saved the Optus_MMS_Tethering.ipcc file then respring your iPhone. You should now be able to enable tethering in Settings > General > Network and also create an SMS with multiple recipients with MMS enabled and the message wont change to Group MMS.

  • Adam

    Hey Justyn,
    Thanks for the iPhone patch. This group MMS this has been a real pain in the A for me! Have tried to install the ipcc file but when in iTunes and click on ‘Check for update’ I can not select the file. I think I have done something wrong with running the command. Any ideas? Thanks!

  • Hey Adam,

    Yeah, the group MMS is a pain in the arse, haha. Are you using Windows or a MAC?

  • Adam

    Sorry J, forgot that part…MAC.

  • You should be able to just open Terminal, then run:

    defaults write com.apple.iTunes carrier-testing -bool TRUE

    then open iTunes, hold down option key and click check for update. It then should open a window and allow you to browse to where you saved the .ipcc file.

  • Adam

    Yep, ran the command and looking to select the ipcc file. The download is a bundle (Optus_au.bundle) even after unzipping do I need to do something else before updating in iTunes? sorry J not very technical, thanks heaps!

  • You shouldn’t need to unzip the file, it’s called “Optus_MMS_Tethering.ipcc”, if it adding .zip on the end of it, remove it and just make sure it is called “something.ipcc” (can be named anything, as long as the extension is .ipcc).

  • Adam

    Awesome, that worked! Thanks heaps!

  • No worries Adam, enjoy. :-)

  • Eric

    Hi Justyn. This is very helpful.

    One question–does it work for jailbroken/unlocked iphones? In other words, will the restore undo the jailbreak?



  • Hi Eric,

    No the ipcc file wont affect the JailBroken iPhone. I have used the ipcc file on two JailBroken iPhone’s and it has been successful.

  • Michael

    Hi Justyn,
    Just installed this. Seems to work great! Thanks.
    Just one question: if Optus sends out an update via itunes, a “carrier settings” update, will I still receive notification of this and will I still be able to download that update?

  • Hey Michael,

    There is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to “roll back” to this version. But don’t quote me on that. ;-)

  • Thank you! Group MMS was really annoying!

  • Your welcome Jason. Glad you got it fixed. :-)

  • Gareth


    I am on the 3 network in the UK and have this MMS group messaging problem. I have followed this, and many similar instructions using various IPCC files, and despite itunes allowing me to browse to the phone, and stating that the carrier update is taking place, when I restart the phone all it does is remove the APN name, but leaves other MMS settings intact. It doesnt nothing for the original problem, group messages still send via MMS.

    I realise these settings arent for 3 UK but I assumed I could use this file anyhow, and just put back my settings afterwards. Obviously not. My Carrier always shows as “Carrier 4” and this cannot be overwitten apparently.

    Can anybody tell me how I can disable this MMS group messaging some other way, as this method just inst working for me.


  • Does this work on the iPhone 3Gs with 3.1.2 patched?

    • If you check out my other post it will have information on enabling tethering on the 3G and 3Gs.

  • Pankoy

    I have t- mobile & I want to edit my carrier.ipcc to enable group MMS, how should I do it? How will I modify the carrier bundle. I have a factory unlocked iPhone.