Exetel Usage Meter – Beta 2.2

By | July 19, 2009

If you read my previous post you would see I recently released a Exetel Usage Meter.

I have recently updated it to Beta 2.2, the changes are:
– Auto refresh every 15min
– Convert limits into KB/MB/GB

View: Demo
Download: Exetel Usage Meter

  • Hey Justyn,

    2 issues I see with it. The script I’ve put together has the same issue. First one is an easy fix, every time the php file is executed it fetches fresh data, so all it would take it someone crazy with the F5 button or someone with a botnet to have the ip banned on the isp or bring down the webserver but im sure there are some sort of php request limits somewhere.

    Second issue is that the username and password is stored plain text in the php file, I’m not sure if this server is shared but anyone else on the same server can whip up a script to read any files out of anyone elses www dir. My bluehost account has ssh access and I can go and poke around in other peoples home dirs if I felt like it generally most files have read access to any user.

    I figure I’ll fix the first one by dumping the data into a temp file somewhere either in /tmp/ or in the same dir with a timestamp. Before fetching data script checks age of cache. maybe a better way of doing this? Not sure how to get around 2nd one, has to be stored encrypted somewhere I guess.

    Neway Cya

    • Hey Carl,

      I fixed the issue with the username / password in plain text. Basically it’s just base64 encoded now, clean and simple.

      For the issue of being only able to run the script every X minutes, why not put it inside a directory and use htaccess/htpasswd to protect it. That will solve any issues. ;-)