My Firefox addons

By | May 1, 2011

My web browser of choice is Firefox. I have been using it for years and since the upgrade to 4.0 losing the status bar, I thought I might create a post with my Firefox Addons.

  1. Adblock PlusHomepage
    This addon is self explanatory. It allows you to block ads based on filters that you can subscribe to.
  2. Status-4-EvarHomepage
    Since Firefox 4, the status bar has been hidden. This addon enables the statusbar that we’ve all grown to love.
  3. Download StatusbarHomepage
    This will allow your downloads to show on the statusbar instead of opening a new window.
  4. IE Tab 2Homepage
    Allows you to have pages load in an IE tab, rendering them in IE7, IE8 or IE9 compatability.
  5. StumbleUponHomepage
    Addon bar for StumbleUpon users.
  6. GreasemonkeyHomepage
    Allows you to change webpages via bits of Javascript, can get scripts from UserScripts.
  7. Image ZoomHomepage
    Allows zoom and rotation of images.