First real photo shoot

By | December 6, 2010

As most of you that know Chell and I know we both enjoy photography (albeit we’re amateurs) but nonetheless we enjoy it. We own a Canon 1000D with a EFS 18-55mm and EFS 75-300mm lenses. While photography isn’t something we consider as a “serious” subject right now, it is something we would like to pursue.

So I was given the opportunity to shoot our friends wedding, which I was quite nervous about and they both knew I wasn’t a professional photographer so they could understand if the photo’s weren’t “perfect”.

In the end the photos turned out great (with some post-editing from Chell). Kirsty and Lennie both loved the photos which was awesome. With the equipment I had (and only photographing the kids and stuff) I am happy with the results and would like to thank Kirsty and Lennie for the opportunity and am glad you both enjoyed the day.

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