Fishbowl Network Review

By | March 7, 2009

I thought in light of the recent downtime (due to server change) and me not updating my WordPress configuration files, I would write up a quick review about Fishbowl Network.

You may have noticed both websites of mine, this one and AusTech Computer Services are hosted with Fishbowl Network. I have had my website hosted with them since around 2004 or possibly earlier. During this time I can definitely say that I have never had an issue with the hosting service.

Fishbowl Network offers plans for as little as $1USD per month for 500MB of space and 5GB transfer. That is a great introductory offer for people wanting a cheap solution to host their new website, and very affordable.

The other plans range from as little as $4USD per month with 1GB of space up to $24USD per month with 6GB of space depending on your needs. All plans come with the features you would expect of a premium hosting service such as PHP5, MySQL and cPanel.

Fishbowl Network also does Domain Registration for as little at $15USD per year, or up to $56USD for 5 years. They also provide Reseller Accounts and Dedicated Hosting options too.

So if you are considering setting up a new website, or looking for a new webhost I personally recommend Fishbowl Network. So go ahead and contact them in regards to your needs, what are you waiting for?

Note: This post is not affiliated with Fishbowl Network, views expressed in this post are from my view only, no endorsements were made from posting this.