Five websites I visit daily

By | June 24, 2009

I thought I would write a post in regards to what I do online each day and thought what better way to do that than list 5 websites that I visit daily.

Please leave me a comment in regards to websites that you visit daily so I can check them out. More info after the jump.

1. Google
I visit Google quite often, this site is pretty self explanatory and I am sure everyone that uses the internet has atleased used Google once to search for something.

2. Whirlpool
I always have a browse through the Whirlpool Forums & join in discussions. It is a news site & forum about the state of broadband and other technologies within Australia.

3. BlogsDNA
BlogsDNA is a technology blog covering quite a few topics. From blogging tips, to gadgets to software information and tips.

4. Facebook
For those that don’t know, Facebook is an online social network. I use it to keep updated with friends/family and play some of the online games.

Basically as the title says, it is a news site that I check each day to keep up with what is happening in Australia and around the world.