My Galaxy S2 Tweaks

By | June 9, 2012

I figured I would post what configuration I have, tweaked using SiyahKernel and ExTweaks.

A user (geko95gek) over at XDA Developers has put in a lot of testing creating a “MagicConfig” which I would recommend you checking out over here.

Quote from geko95gek:

I have done my best to test the configuration and to my knowledge it should work on most of Galaxy S2 devices out there. It is designed to bring balance between smoothness and battery life, I have spent over 3 months (since the betas) going through all of SiyahKernel releases to find the perfect combinations of Schedulers and Governors that are included within each release of the Kernel.

Note: If you decide to do anything like this to your Galaxy S2 and it breaks, I will not be held responsible. 😉

Rom: CyanogenMod 9 (Latest Nightly)
Baseband: DVLP3 (Telstra)
Kernel: SiyahKernel (Latest)
Applications: ExTweaks


  • ARCH_POWER = Enabled
  • CPU Hotplug = Default
  • CPU IDLE Mode = AFTR + LPA (default)
  • Smooth Scaling Level = 800Mhz
  • SCHED_MC = 0
  • CPU Undervolting = -75mV (all frequencies)
  • CPU Step Count = 18 (All available)
  • Default CPU Governor = conservative
  • Default CPU Scheduler = sio
  • Scaling Max Freq = 800Mhz
  • Scaling Min Freq = 200Mhz

All other CPU settings as stock.


  • GPU Freq Step 1 = 40Mhz
  • GPU Freq Step 2 = 100Mhz
  • GPU Freq Step 3 = 160Mhz

SETTINGS (GPU Voltages):

  • GPU Voltage Level 1 = 800mV
  • GPU Voltage Level 2 = 800mV
  • GPU Voltage Level 3 = 850mV

SETTINGS (GPU Thresholds):

  • GPU Threshold 1-UP = 85%
  • GPU Threshold 2-DOWN = 55%
  • GPU Threshold 2-UP = 85%
  • GPU Threshold 3-DOWN = 55%

All other GPU settings as stock.

SETTINGS (Screen, BLN & Misc):

  • Touchmove Sensitivity = 7 pixel
  • Vibration Intensity = 2
  • LED Timeout = 1.5 sec
  • LED Fade Out = no
  • LED Voltage Level = 2700mV
  • Android logger = Disabled

All other Screen / BLN / Misc settings as stock.

Some people have been successful in undervolting the CPU to -100mV, but mine was unstable so went to -75mV. Each result may vary.

Warning: Again, you may break your device or it could blow up and I won’t be held responsible. Just because these settings work for me, doesn’t mean they will for you. 🙂