Great day, romantic night

By | February 7, 2008

We went shopping yesterday for something to do and walked past a florist filled with flowers and teddies as Valentine’s Day is coming up. We had a look inside and saw the biggest, cutest teddy! He is white with glitter, and has a heart with hugs and kisses on his feet, arms and ears, he’s just adorable. I wanted to buy him straight away but Rachelle said no because it’s not Valentine’s Day yet.

But Fluffy was just too cute, we couldn’t leave him in the shop so I bought him for Rachelle as an early Valentine’s Day present as she loved it so much, and I didn’t want someone else to buy it. He now sits on our bed with Dronkey, they make the cutest couple. We then went to Big W and got a big box of 60 dairy milk chocolates so we could go home and lay in the air conditioning watching movies whilst eating chocolates and having a romantic night, and Fluffy sat on the bottom of the bed with Dronkey, we didn’t share any chocolates with him :razz:

I will put a couple of photo’s of Fuffy up, trust me, you will love him :-) (You can see him here)