Healthy work / life balance

By | April 5, 2014

When you work full-time with a job that has a rotating roster, it’s hard to have a healthy work / life balance with a Wife and kids. My shifts rotate so much that I can start work at 6 am, and have shifts that finish at midnight.

The hard thing is working around having good family time with Chell and the kids with my kind of work, when days off could be a weekday when the kids are at school. For example today (Saturday) I am working 0930-1720, then Sunday and Monday I am working 1320-2110, and have Tuesday off. Being the school holidays, this is okay as the kids aren’t at school.

You always try to put your family first, yet you still need to work to provide for them. In Townsville there aren’t many jobs that can provide the wages that I make on a normal 9-5 job, which is one issue that I am facing at the moment. The other issue is finding a suitable job in which I will be qualified for, or working in retail however having no retail experience you’re usually looked over.

So how do you maintain a healthy work / life balance? This is one thing I’ve yet to fully discover; it is something that does need addressing. I need to spend more quality time with Chell and the kids (weekends, football games e.t.c.). So I guess in the long run, something needs to change. The thing that needs to change is my job. I guess this is something Chell and I need to have a think about, and work out what will and wont work, and progress from there.