Heartbleed bug tips for securing your accounts

By | April 16, 2014

The hole in OpenSSL known as Heartbleed supposedly affects up to a fifth of all secure web servers. Having such a large portion of the servers affected there is a likelihood that you might have an account that has been compromised. Filippo Valsorda is the 19 year old behind the code that allows you to test websites for the Heartbleed bug, dubbed Heartbleed test.

Heartbleed test

The Heartbleed test has apparently had more than 60 million queries since being released last week.  On reddit  “FiloSottile” as he’s known has posted a few tips for anyone who isn’t very sure what to do with their internet accounts.

Another option to help determine that the sites you are visiting are safe from the Heartbleed bug is to install the Google Chrome extension named Chromebleed. The extension will alert you when you visit a website that has the Heartbleed vulnerability and hasn’t had their OpenSSL patched.


Filippo advised that if Chromebleed or FoxBleed (Mozilla Firefox alternative), reports a vulnerability, to not log in. You should await an official statement from that site on its response to Heartbleed.