History repeats itself

By | May 13, 2008

Well it seems like everyone touted Vista as “the bad OS”, especially when SP1 came out, causing reboot loops. A lot of people seemed to steer clear of SP1, saying that XP was a lot better.

Now, the question is, everyone that put dirt on Vista SP1 for the endless reboot loop, and sticking with XP for the stability, seems like they got what they asked for. Microsoft recently released SP3 for XP, and guess what – it has an endless reboot bug also.

Now, I haven’t noticed many people saying things like “XP is a piece of sh*t”, but why? It has the same bug that Vista SP1 had. I thought everyone would now be saying “I’m sticking with Windows 2000 SP4”, since it seems to be “the stable one” now.

Well there’s my rant for the day. Vista SP1 reboot loop vs XP SP3 reboot look, take your pick.

On a lighter note, the Vista SP1 reboot loop has been fixed for awhile now, so it seems, in light of things, Vista seems to be the stable one for now.