Image Resize Powertoy for Vista

By | January 22, 2008

One of the most essential tools I think you need is the Image Resize Powertoy, now this currently only works with Windows XP, but after much searching around, I found one that does the job just as good as the one made by Microsoft, except it works with Vista.

The Image Resizer for Vista is a must have for anyone that is missing the Powertoy from XP that allows you to quickly resize an image from the context menu. Unfortunately it isn’t compatible with x64 Vista as of yet, but is currently being tested. If you run an x86 version of Vista, you can download it over on the download page.

Update: The Image Resizer has been updated to build 2519 and now also has x64 support. Head over to the download page to grab the new builds!

  • Melarish

    Thanks, needed that!

  • Such a useful tool – thanks.

  • Jesse Thomas

    Holy Crap —— Thank You

  • Shane

    The website now has an x64 download available, but the registry modification is still necessary.

  • I never needed to modify the registry at all when downloading the x64 version, it installed and worked fine.

  • Allen

    Justyn, Just wanted to say thank you! I’ve missed this function since moving to Vista!

  • Your welcome. :-) It’s such a great tool. :-)

  • impassive

    This resizer really sucks. Lok at the resized phothos, look at this PIXELS! Don’t be blind!

  • impassive

    Hm… And where’s my comment? Censored?

    This is really good replacement of IR for Vista:

  • Sorry impassive, your comment wasn’t censored. I just don’t have time to check the comments every couple of hours.

    Thanks for the info on the clone of Image Resize Powertoy, does it have the option (Right Click Image) > Resize > Choose size?

    By the looks of it, you right click an image, choose resize and then a new window pops up and you choose the size.

  • Alex

    Great utility. Saves a lot of time! Thank you! I wonder if it is possible to make default sizes also customizable. For example, I rarely resize to 800 and never resize to 640 and 320, but I use 1600 and custom resolutions (for wide screens). It would be nice if one could remove the unused resolutions and setup their own. Just a thought for future releases.

  • frugi

    impassive is right, the resized photos look like crap.

    • I’ve never had any issues with the resized photos. If you don’t like them, use Paint.Net or Photoshop and resize them. ;-)

  • Thanks for that tool…. its nuts to think they take away great tools when they change operating systems!

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