Internet Speeds Up!

By | January 30, 2008

Well as most of you probably know, I was on Dialup (Yes, that connection still exists). I just got connected up to ADSL yesterday 🙂 It’s only a 8000/384 connection due to my line being on a RIM, so no ADSL2+ for me, even thought it is so much cheaper 🙁

I’m loving the speeds of the connection too, can’t complain. The modem is syncing at 8136/384 so getting good speed, and the SNR is good too. I have downloaded a few gigabytes, and appreciate the free PIPE usage, loving it.

A few mates of mine are with the same ISP I am (ComCen), and shaping doesn’t work, so hopefully I am lucky enough to have shaping not work for me. I’m not too worried about it as I get free PIPE, but would be nice to know it’s like a true “unlimited” connection 😛