iPhone 3.0 – No jailbreak needed?

By | March 18, 2009

Well it seems Apple are working hard on their iPhone 3.0 OS. They have recently released the beta version, and will be releasing the final version around June/July. Now the new features included in iPhone 3.0 OS will have yourself asking “Do I need to jailbreak”.

For me, the reason to jailbreak is for SwirlyMMS to send MMS’, and PdaNet to allow tethering so I can use the phone as a modem. But the new version of iPhone 3.0 has these features already.

Amongst MMS and tethering, the new firmware will also feature:

  • Landscape keyboard for all applications including Mail.
  • Spotlight which allows you to search basically anything on your iPhone.
  • Voice Memo which allows you to record notes and reminders.
  • Phishing protection and auto-fill of forms.
  • Cut, copy and paste.

Now looking at all the features of the new firmware, I can only see three reasona to Jailbreak and that would be for SBSettings, Cycorder and theme support via Winterboard.

What are your thoughts on this?