iPhone OS 3.0

By | June 17, 2009

Well last night I decided to bite the bullet and download iPhone OS 3.0 from The Pirate Bay. Technically what I did was piracy I guess as it’s the Gold Master sent to developers and not the one that is released to the general public.

Update: Version 3.0 of the firmware has officially been released, read more for the links to the firmware.

I am going to JailBreak it anyway and since that is technically illegal too what does it matter right? The image is called iPhone1,2_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw and it should be 230.05MB which is for the 3G iPhone.

I did a full restore to v3.0 (removing my previously jailbroken v2.2.1), and set it all up fresh. Version 3.0 feels so much quicker, I am loving the built in support for MMS and Tethering. I still am keeping an eye on the Dev-Team anticipating the JailBreak for 3.0 as I miss my theme and SBSettings.

Once the JailBreak is officially released I will also update Rachelle’s iPhone too since she will miss her theme also.

Download: iPhone 2G Firmware 3.0 | iPhone 3G Firmware 3.0 | iPod Touch Firmware 3.0 | iPod Touch 2G Firmware 3.0

Note: Remember to make sure you have iTunes 8.2 installed before applying the update!