iPhone trivia for Appulous

By | November 16, 2009

Kyek over at Appulous has decided to put up some questions to help stop people just leeching from the site. I will try to update this post with the questions / answers as they become available.

1. I work for Apple’s law firm and have been trying to get Appulous shut down since the beginning. I wish I was better at my job :(. What’s my first and last name?
Answer: Ian Ramage

2. I work for Apple’s law firm and have been trying to get Appulous shut down since the beginning. I wish I was better at my job :(. What’s Kyek’s nickname for me?
Answer: Rammy

3. When Appulous was tiny, it ran on a VPS provided by _________________.com
Answer: bapshosting

4. This domain name got popular when the site admin started bundling IPA files into torrents and advertised his website in them.
Answer: pr0x

5. Who ran the most successful and largest IPA site before Appulous? (bigger than TMB)?
Answer: b00sted4fun

6. What was the name of the app written specifically for downloading and installing IPAs from the b00sted4fun repository, and who wrote it? Answer in the format “APPNAME by AUTHOR”.
Answer: AppShare by Flawless

7. B00sted4fun’s Russian repo was hosted by what company?
Answer: dreamhost

8. Approximately how many douchebags are trying to promote their lame websites, youtube accounts, and duplicate facebook groups by claiming they have the answers to these questions?
Answer: Over 9000

9. The Appulous test servers, on which new backend code and server configs are tested publicly before moving to production, are provided by what company?
Answer: Amazon

10. SaladFork is slightly ______________. (lmfao@ the guy who answered “smaller”)(Click here if you hate this)
Answer: forky

11. If the permissions are r-xrwxrwx, who can’t write?
Answer: owner

12. Who did Labrat attempt to con into writing a private Appulous clone for his website?
Answer: andydam

13. I was part of the team that discovered how to crack apps. My name is ________-fr.
Answer: iceman

14. What parent company hosted TheMonkeysBall.com?
Answer: ovh

15. Who wrote the code that powered TheMonkeysBall.com?
Answer: wyze

16. TheMonkeysBall.com was a two-man team: Wyze and _____________.
Answer: scuzzy19

17. You ssh into your phone and need to make a symlink from “cow” to “chicken”. Type the command.
Answer: ln -s cow chicken

18. Convert this to ASCII: 0x20496c31497c4f306f272222272020. (Okok, so maybe I’m a *little* evil. I’m just looking forward to constantly refreshing the password-sharing sites and laughing maniacally xD)
Answer: [ Il1I|O0o'””‘  ] (Copy the space before, and two spaces after. Without the brackets!).

19. Before Genius’ Hackulous tag said “Root Admin”, what did it say?
Answer: President (Thanks Slade)

20. My name used to be Omgwtf. Who am I now?
Answer: Saladfork

21. This site made a bad knockoff of Appulous to try to get hits, but ended up getting DDoSed until they took it down. It’s ____________.com
Answer: imodzone

22. I posted a job on rent-a-coder for someone to make an Appulous knockoff for my site. Kyek accepted the job under another name and pwned me :(. But we’re cool now. Who am I?
Answer: pr0x

23. What German publication ran a two-page feature on Appulous in September? (It looks like a typo… but it’s not!)
Answer: pc magazin

24. They need to do way _________ mother.
Answer: instain

25. You’re connected to our IRC server. To join our room, what would you type?
Answer: /join #chatulous

26. You ssh to your phone and decide to rename “Documents” to “Other crap”. Type the command to do it, without using quotes.
Answer: mv Documents Other\ Crap

27. Kyek modified a Greasemonkey plugin to allow you to see if an Appulous IPA link was dead before you clicked it. The original plugin was the ________ Links Checker.
Answer: cavern