No Jab No Pay policy has raised vaccination rates

By | March 10, 2016

If there is one thing the government and I can agree on it would be the No Jab No Pay policy which was announced by The Coalition in April last year. As of next week if you don’t vaccinate your children you wont receive the Child Care Rebate and Family Tax Benefit Part A which is a good thing.

As a taxpayer I already contribute to helping those that are sitting at home on the dole and now the government is actually helping us taxpayers by removing these payments from those who don’t want to protect their children from disease.

If you care about your children then vaccinate them. I’ve written about this before and stand by vaccinations. People that don’t vaccinate their children rely on the “herd immunity” to help prevent their children getting diseases. The minimum level required to provide this is 90 per cent.

The government recently released figures supporting a slight increase in vaccinations which is great! However there are still places in Victoria with low immunisation rates like Melbourne City (88.57%), Muldura (88.07%), and Heathcote/Castlemaine/Kyneton at 88.12%. This is scary.

The deadline is Friday, March 18. So be quick, protect your children and vaccinate them.