Kids new beds and toys

By | May 3, 2008

Today we awoke at a bashing on the door at 6:30am, the kids were here. So, we got up and fed them and did the morning routine. Then we decided to go to Toys’R’Us to buy some presents, they were excited!

We ended up getting the girls a little bike each, they are so cute, and two new beds to replace the cots. Emily got a little princess one and Tiana got a little mermaid one.

The boys got a whole heap of hotwheels cars which they loved, as soon as we got home, wait… even in the car on the way home they had them opened and were playing with them!

Once we got home, i got the bike’s built and the girls where riding around on them whilst I built the beds for them. We moved the cots into the garage and re-arranged their room with the new beds, it looks awesome!

I’ve put some photo’s of the girls new beds up in the gallery, and also some photo’s of them with their new bikes.