KISS Launcher for Android

By | November 28, 2015

One of the benefits of Android is the freedom. Want a different launcher? No worries. I’ve been an avid user of Apex Launcher and is my current go-to launcher for all my devices. Recently though I have just discovered KISS Launcher and as the KISS principle is “Keep it simple, stupid”, the launcher stays true to this.

KISS Launcher allows Android users to simplify the home of their interface, to purify their screens and access the functions they need as quickly and as simply as possible.

The launcher itself weighs in at a measely 216KB, installed 592KB and is blazingly fast. Compared to Apex Launcher which is currently using 13.48MB. You can also check out their github and build it yourself if you’re inclined.

KISS Launcher

For being such a lightweight launcher, it does also include a light, dark and transparent theme too. So depending on your taste it does have /some/ customisation. I went into the KISS Settings and turned on “Minimalistic UI” which basically just provides the search bar at the bottom. You can search the web, apps, contacts e.t.c. from this bar. Simple.

KISS Launcher

The one thing I have found that is missing is the support for widgets. If this is something you heavily rely upon than maybe giving something like Apex Launcher a run would be the other option. However the developers have added support for custom icons, so who knows, maybe widget support will eventually come.

If you want a light weight, fast launcher though then you can download the latest version of KISS Launcher via the Google Play Store.

What launcher do you use on your Android device? Have you tried KISS Launcher?