A letter to my Son

By | July 1, 2010

Dear Son,

I don’t know if this is weird writing you a letter when you are only 8 hours old but I would like to write about your arrival. I am your father. I may not be perfect and I know I have made mistakes in the past and I look at you and just smile and wonder, wonder how something so beautiful and amazing can come from me.

I can understand most of your good side has come from your Mother, she has unconditional love for us all. She is the most amazing woman in the whole world. I hope I can be half the person your Mum is. You will see how amazing she is in due time when you see what she does for you without ever hesitating.

Now, our family. You will never be unloved. You have two amazing brothers, Jacob and Matt. Your twin sisters, Emily and Tiana. They are so happy you are here and could not wait to see you. You also have Gran, Aunty Margaret and Granma. These people will also help you whenever you need it. They have helped your Mother and I quite a lot and we are so very grateful for that. You were born into such a loving family and you will notice this in no time.

You also have Nan, Pop and Aunty Leiana who are my parents and sister. You may not see them very often as they live far away but I know they love you very much and will be upset they can’t spend as much time with you as everyone else.

It was hard leaving the Hospital tonight and having to go home alone. I know Mum will look after you (she has raised your wonderful Brothers and Sisters well). It was such a strange feeling though I cannot explain but I know I will see your lovely face in the morming.

I guess the way I would like to end this letter is to say welcome to our family. I may not always have time for just you (and forgive me), but you will have to understand that your Brothers and Sisters need our attention too. I can’t wait and I am sure your siblings and Mum can’t wait to have you at home so our big, loving, happy family can be complete.

Love forever and ever,