LG G4 Quick Circle Case from MobileZap

By | September 26, 2015

With new devices, comes new products and once again the guys over at MobileZap have hooked me (actually Chell) up with a pink Quick Circle Case for the LG G4!

HTC has their DotView, Samsung has their S-View and LG has Quick Circle. However with the G4 they’ve reworked the interface, it has wireless charging (optional) and it looks like it has taken visual queues from the LG Watch Urbane. It is simply beautiful.

  • Unique Circular Window Displays a Clock; Swipe to Access the Music Player, Call Logs, Camera, LG Fitness, or Messaging Apps
  • Wakes Your Phone Automatically When Opened
  • Make Calls via Call Logs; Answer or Decline Incoming Calls
LG G4 Quick Circle Cases

LG G4 Quick Circle Cases

Just like its predecessors the LG G4 has a Quick Circle Case which comes in two flavours and many different colours. One is a replacement back and offers wireless charging whilst the other is simply a snap on back which only works with the ceramic backs and not the leather variant.

Unlike the G3 where it only had a six sectioned place for icons, the Quick Circle on the G4 offers all of the Quick Circle mini apps in a scrolling circle. There are numerous watch faces too, by simply long pressing on the watch face, then swipe to find one you like.

Quick Circle Case - Front

Quick Circle Case – Front

The G4 that my Wife and I have came with the Black Leather back. For this specific case to fit correctly she had to replace it with the ceramic back that the G4 came with. The case then wraps around and sits nice and flush with the screen, protecting the most important part of the phone besides the camera.

Quick Circle Case - Back

Quick Circle Case – Back

The snap on case doesn’t add too much bulk to the actual phone at all. It feels ever so slightly thicker than mine does with just the leather back. If you wanted to go for the thinnest possible option in the Quick Circle Case, you would want the one that has wireless charging built in, as you replace the whole back.

The Quick Circle Case is much more useful on the LG G4 than say the S-View case by Samsung, allowing you to add more applications, customise your applications and LG is giving full compatibility too, meaning you can use them on older phones like the G3 or G2!

Quick Circle Case - Scroll

Quick Circle Case – Scroll

It is a beautiful folio case, for a stunning device. If you’re lucky enough to own an LG G4, I would definitely recommend one of these cases. Even more so if you have a wireless charger. Or if this case isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other LG G4 accessories over at MobileZap. The case itself is a genuine LG product, so it is guaranteed to be a perfect fit and finish.

The LG G4 Quick Circle Case was provided by MobileZap.