My birthday weekend

By | March 21, 2008

My party was on the 15th March, which was great. I had an RDO on Sat/Sun/Mon which worked out quite well. I created some invitations for the party, and sent them to some friends from work. On the Friday, Rachelle and I went to Jupiters Casino for dinner, which was lovely. The food is always nice there. Then on the Saturday Rachelle and I went shopping on the Saturday to buy some meat and grog for the BBQ. We bought a 700ml bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label, Smirnoff Vodka and Jim Beam White Label.

The party was meant to start at 7:30pm, but a few people had to do a few things first, so we picked Josh up and then Rachelle and Josh went to pick Dale and Mara up. Sabina turned up while I was waiting for the rest of the people to turn up, then Kirsten and Amanda turned up. We started drinking and a short while later Brian and Brad turned up, so we drank awhile more, then Brad, being the chef, cooked up the BBQ for us.

Whilst the BBQ was cooking, the oil caught on fire and the smoke alarms went off which was quite hilarious, then Shane and Neil turned up. We all had a nice big feed, and proceeded to drink more alcohol. By the end of the night (1:30am or something) Josh and I finished the bottle of Johnnie Black, and there was about 2 shots of Jim Beam left. Josh ended going home as he had to work at 10am that morning.

Shane, Neil, Brian and Brad left, so then we all then decided to cruise into the city. We made it into the city about 2:30am or so, and went to Mad Cow. We didn’t stay there long as Rachelle started to feel a bit sick, so we left and went to wait in the taxi line. Rachelle ended up being sick a few times whilst waiting for the taxi, haha.

We all made it home safely, dropped Sabina off at her place and Amanda and Kirsten crashed on the couch at our place. We finally got to sleep about 4:30am or so, and woke back up about 6:30am. After coffee and everything, Rachelle decided to get the cake out, and damn it was huge! So we all had a piece of that, except Amanda.

Kirsten and Amanda took us around to Micah’s place to pick up the Delica, and then Rachelle and I came back home, got changed and drove up to Crystal Creek. We spent a couple of hours there, the water was sort of cold, so didn’t actually go for a swim. Rachelle got in the water a little bit but just sat in it basically.

On Monday Rachelle and I went shopping for the day, then Josh came and tagged along too, we spent the whole day looking around for nice hoodies, 59FIFTY hats, and just general clothing. Once all the shopping was over, Rachelle and I went to Hungry Jacks and got some dinner, came home and watch some dvds which we hired out from Blockbuster.

  • Mandi

    hey no one left a msg yet so im gunna :P ur party was awesome, lotsa fun =)

  • Leiana

    Sounds like you had a good party and a good birthday. Just wishing you Happy Birthday and hope all is going well up there.

    Love ya both

  • Chell

    It was a pretty awesome party, except for the part when we went to town!!! That was horrible, but it was all still fun…