N95-1 v21.0.016 fails

By | May 6, 2008

Well I decided to try update the firmware on my N95-1 yesterday, but for some reason it just wont update. I flashed it to v20.0.015 when it came out fine, but to v21.0.0.16 it just wont.

I have the latest version of Nokia PC Suite (v6.86) and Nokia Software Updater (v1.4.36), and when I run the updater, it finds that there is a new version, downloads it, but when it gets to installing it, the phone resets, but thats all. The NSU sits there saying “this may take up to 15min”, but doesn’t progress.

A quick Google finds a few threads, like this one and this one which shows quite a few people have the same issue, but at the same time, quite a few people have successfully update to v21.0.016.

If anyone knows any way to get the N95-1 to update to v21.0.016 please drop me a line, or comment on this post.

Update: I ended up thinking it may be because I’m using x64 version of Vista, ran the updater on Chell’s x32 Vista, and it updated perfectly to v21.0.016, it seems a lot quicker too! Now all I have to do is update Chell’s N95-1 too 🙂